How do we work and coach Our aim is to find solutions with YOU

We work directly in your company and with your people onsite. Thus, as a neutral observer, we are able to give feedback and develop the right consulting approach based on the current situation. We reinforce the potential of the employees and motivate them. Strengths replace weaknesses. We increase team and employee satisfaction, communication and motivation itself. 
What encourages us is the full contentment of our clients, which we want to accompany proactively and sustainably.

What we want to avoid is to leave you with superficial coaching tips. We prefer to work proactively with you and your team to achieve improvement and success. 
We stay with you all the way.


testimonial As the CEO of SAF Holland SA, the professional cooperation with Svend Evertz and his company SaveConsult was very valuable. With him as our coach, who was not part of the company, there was a regular, productive and personal exchange of ideas. We discussed topics such as leadership for the company and the employees, self and team motivation, personal appearance, strengths and weaknesses, more effective ways to communicate and future plans and ambitions. With a likable but sometimes...
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Detlef Borghardt
Vorstandsvorsitzender/CEO SAF-HOLLAND SA
testimonial I contacted SaveConsult with the aim to develop me and my employees and consequently my private practise. 
The coaching and the intense meetings gave me new perspectives on things and on the business. The gradual realisation motivates and is actually fun. 
The entourage of the coach helped to implement changes, in regards to my employees and me. Today, we work more effectively, save costs resulting in an increased revenue. 
I am very happy with the approach of this coaching and will continue to implement the discussed ideas.
Dr. Stefan Hägewald
Zahnarzt, Parodontologe, Berlin